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April 22nd, 2018

The Handmade Tale

Shop the current collection, or create something totally custom-made, from local Trove.

The only thing you've ever had made to order was a cake for your bestie's bachelorette. And that icing was inappropriate for most public consumption.

For your next tailor-made purchase, turn to Trove. The Austin-based concept shop allows you to select handmade pieces made ethically and responsibly by artisans overseas. Opt for staples from the Rwanda or Guatemala (pictured) collections like "The Betty" dress and the print-happy "Jane" frock in colors like slated tribal, native thistle and olive poppy. Or, you play designer and get a custom dress, blouse or skirt made in the fabric and size of your choosing - the one-of-a-kind piece will arrive six weeks later.  

It's the best way to get up close and personalized. 

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