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November 8th, 2018

A Great Scents Of Direction

Try a spritz of infused fragrances from local West Third Brand.

You give a firm handshake, a tight hug and look people in the eye when having a conversation.

Up the ante of the good impressions you make with the lovely lingering effects of West Third Brand. The niche local fragrance label, handcrafted in creator Michael Loring Probst's Hill Country studio, are a unique blend of earthy botanicals. We're obsessed with the minimalist packaging and cooly named bottles. From Band of Outlaws, a mix of elements like smoked sandalwood, cedarwood and spicy cardamom, to Crazy Enough with its hints of pink jasmine, coconut water and anise, you'll want to try a spritz of them all. 

Give 'em something to waft about. 

Available locally at Co-Star, Wanderlust Yoga, Limbo, Red Bird, Mercury Design Studio and Favor The Kind.

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