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September 13th, 2017

A Helvetica of a Good Time

Fontophiles will be capital letter Obsessed with the font-inspired candles from Bell’Invito.


Bell'Invito Studio (by appointment only)
147 Pittsburg Street

From the five-ringed Olympic circles to a Jaguar hood ornament, there are certain concepts you recognize immediately for what they represent.

Celebrate the long-standing scripts with the line of font-inspired soy-based candles from Dallas' Bell’Invito. A collection of four fonts, plus an additional scent for calligraphy lovers, the scents are sublime and the burn time is long. Options include Helvetica, the typeface commonly tied to mid-century lovers currently being celebrated at an exhibit at the MOMA in NYC, and Bodoni, a favorite of some of the most elite fashion brand labels. With notes of coconut water and bergamot, of the Garamond candle, the company says, "If it were a girl, she would be that pretty one whose little oddities only make her more beautiful." 

The perfect present for waxing poetic. 

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