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April 12th, 2018

Now Open :: Smithy

Swing by Henderson Avenue for dinner at brand new, light-filled Smithy.


2927 N. Henderson Ave.

Your girls' group diet plan is simple: order way too much food and then pick off all of the plates so it feels like everyone just ate a little bit.

Lucky you, brand new Smithy encourages this kind of shareable attitude. The brand new Henderson Avenue restaurant's name is a nod to Henry Potter’s Ironwork, the business that was originally housed a blacksmith workshop - his work can still be spotted in Dallas public schools built in the 50s, the SMU campus and HP homes. Dinner service launched this week with plates like truffle fries, crab nachos, fruit and nut salads, and pig and pear toasted paninis. The inviting patio, complete with hanging greenery, exposed brick and warm woods encourages extra rounds of signature cocktails like the Lillet Rose, vodka and lemon That's My Jam, while the sleek black matte bar inside is meant for mingling. 

It's time to divide and conquer. 

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