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October 10th, 2017

19th Street Musings

Take an al fresco stroll at Bayou City Art Festival this weekend.

You usually put your efforts towards VIP invites but right now all you can think about is the future MVP.
Your pride for Altuve and all things Houston runneth over, so put it on display with a piece from Lauren Luna, part of the lineup at Bayou City Art Festival this weekend. She's known for her iconic local street scenes. Using oil paint and a palette knife, she has depicted The Heights Theater, the Aquarium's ferris wheel, the Be Someone mural on I-45, and the Midtown skyline, to name a few. She even gifted Mayor Sylvester Turner with a mural that now hangs in his office. Stop by the downtown fest to pick up one of her We Heart Houston prints. 
You'll want to get your mitts on these.

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