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June 6th, 2018

A Lace To Call Home

You're the shoe designer when you order a pair of sneakers from La Quijana.


Baanou in River Oaks District
4444 Westheimer Rd, Ste. D135 (near Hopdoddy)

You're so afraid of looking like everyone else that you blend two shades of OPI at home before going to your manicurist.

Take your one-of-a-kind look all the way down to your toesies by ordering a pair of shoes from La Quijana. Launched by a gal in The Woodlands, the new brand employs indigenous Mayan artisans who use a loom to add colorful flair to New Balance sneakers. Baanou carries a selection of the shoes you can walk out with anytime, or you can choose your favorite colors for a custom order online. We're also mad for La Quijana's colorful sandals.

Step brightly.

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