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June 12th, 2018

Ask A Personal Trainer

Best way to tighten your buns, best fitness app.... we asked a local fitness buff to tell all.

It's like Uber, for excercise. Kanthaka is the buzzy new local app that allows you to book a private personal trainer session or yoga instructor to meet you anywhere, anytime (park, your office, your living room with Bravo playing in the background) All the trainers are background-checked in advance, like Kimberly Konkel, pictured. We checked in with the friendly, motivating personal trainer for tips on getting toned for summer. 

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What exercise do you suggest to clients who want to rock the cut-out swimsuit trend and get killer obliques? ​ ​
Sprints! Not only do ​they torch a ton of calories but the rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominis all contract to generate power. Tip: Keep your core tight and engaged to maximize results​.​

Common misconception about personal training?
​That you have to train for an hour. You can get a killer workout in 30 minutes if you utilize your time wisely and use exercises that hit multiple ​muscle groups at once.
Three songs on your personal workout playlist. ​
Flames: David Guetta & Sia, Faded: Alan Walker and Broken Arrows: Avicii
What do you say to convince someone that a trainer will get them back to a fitness routine?​ 
When getting back into a workout routine you need two things:​ accountability and ​enjoyment! A good personal trainer will keep your workouts fun so you enjoy the ​session and you won't dread the workouts.
Your favorite juicebar? Beet Box Blend Bar
Workout line? DYI
Sneaker? Adidas Ultraboost
Wellness apps? See How You Eat and Headspace
Exercise? Hip thrusts. Best booty builder ever!​
3 tools you can't live without when working with clients.
IntervalTimer​ app​, booty bands and kettle​​ bells.
Be honest: do you have any guilty pleasures? 
Yes! The maple bacon donut from Hugs & Donuts
If we "just can't today," what's the absolute bare minimum?
​Sneak in little extras to get your steps in: park further away, take the stairs, do some squats when you pee... just move!

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