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February 17th, 2012

Power Suits You

Pass your suits on to other women at this year’s Dress for Success Houston's Send One Suit drive.

The skirt you landed your first job in, the silk blouse you wore to your internship interview, the jacket you had on when you shook the CEO's hand. All great memories, but that was 5 years (and 5 pounds) ago, so isn't it time to move on?

Pass on your sweet looks (and sweet success) to local women at this year's Dress for Success Houston's Send One Suit drive. The charity that is all about helping women look good, feel good and get prepared for the work force is taking suit donations. With your help, the drive will outfit thousands of women in the Houston area to land a job, and keep it.

Because every woman knows climbing the workplace ladder is all about the right accessories.

Dress for Success Houston: Send One Suit
Drop gently-worn suits on hangers to any MW Cleaners through Friday, March 20th

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