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June 26th, 2014

Red, White & Brownies

Catch a buzz at Red Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop.

Your tardiness to work this morning was due to a smoothie disaster, a packed interstate and a broken wedge in the parking garage. All that and you're still not caffeinated enough to make it to noon.

Sneak out for a pick me up from RED Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop. The brand new bakery and latte lounge in the Heights is perfect for an espresso stop and a decadent sugar rush thanks to a menu of classic American desserts - red velvet cake, whoopie pie and salted caramel brownies - plus fresh concepts like the already-famous bacon beer bread and complimentary doggie desserts for pups in tow. For a java jolt, order local Boomtown coffee - wine and beer are on tap for an end of day buzz. 

You can't be at the top of your game before you're at the bottom of your first cup of joe.

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