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November 9th, 2018

Take $20 off Snap Kitchen

 With a sleek app, free delivery and endless options based on your personal palate and goals, you're out of excuses for not eating healthy.

Snap Kitchen's dietician-created meals are made from scratch—their chefs call it reimagined comfort food—and are available for anywhere between 3- to 7-day subscriptions. Completely customizable with the option to pause days or meals, it's made for busy gals on the go. Use the app to build your meat, poultry, seafood or veggie meals (everything is gluten free) then opt for free delivery or super-quick pickup from one of the 11 Houston locations. 

We asked fitness-minded local blogger Lyndsey Zorich to journal about her experience on Snap Kitchen's new meal subscription plan. Tidbits readers get $20 off their first meal plan—see below.

Lyndsey, what were the best dishes you discovered during your two-week Snap Kitchen meal plan? I love the almond butter pancakes for breakfast—so delicious and filling! The spicy dan dan noodle bowl is hands down my favorite entree. I had it for lunch multiple days—I love Asian flavors and the dish packs a punch! My kids and I also love the turkey bolognese, which I'll definitely order again to serve for dinner on busy school nights. 

What goals did you set for yourself on the plan? To eat a healthy breakfast and lunch on the weekdays for a two-week period. Being a working mom with three kids, I find it challenging to find time in the day for healthy meals and end up reaching for something quick like (gasp!).....a plate of microwave nachos.
What did you learn about your eating habits? If my meals are readily available I'm more likely to take 10 minutes out of my day to make time for breakfast and lunch. The thought of having to figure out what I'm eating when I'm rushing through my day with work and kids is overwhelming, so I tend to skip meals a lot or make unhealthy choices on the go. 
What dish surprised you? The vegetarian Thai grain bowl was super tasty! I've never been a fan of lentils but really loved them in this dish.
Did you use the app? I ordered my meal plan from the carpool line and they were delivered directly to my door ready to heat in the microwave—it doesn't get much easier than that!
Lucky you! Tidbits readers get $20 off their first meal plan with promo code TIDBITS.  Choose your plan: balance // vegetarian // low-carb // Whole30 // high protein // paleo // build your own 

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