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July 28th, 2018

The Bare Accessories of Life

Shop eclectic pieces from New Orleans based Generation 7 Jewelry.

The majority of your summer spending has gone to skyrocketed A/C bills and sucking down any frozen paloma you can get your paws on. 

Switch your focus back to prettier things like statement pieces from Generation 7 Jewelry. Each one-of-a-kind design from local designer Meagan Gauthier will instantly upgrade both your work and play ensembles. Handmade in New Orleans, you'll fawn over her work, ranging from dreamy bohemian pendants and sunburst necklaces to pairs of fluffy and feminine feather drop earrings in dusty blue or blush. Her collection of raw agate lariats have just been added to the chic selection at HEALER.  

Brain freeze not included. 

Rock your new jewelry box additions during White Linen Night THIS Saturday, August 4. From the Julia Street Block Party to the Contemporary Arts Center After-Party, the compliments and the champagne will be flowing. 

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