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November 1st, 2018

All Aboard The Soul Train

Honor All Souls All Saints days at Loa Bar.


Loa Bar
221 Camp St.
New Orleans
For the close calls you've had in your life, you like to think your guardian angels are working overtime. 
Pay tribute to those doing good by you during All Saints / All Souls Day at Loa bar TODAY, Thurs, Nov 1, and tomorrow, Fri, Nov 2. Take in the visual celebration with vibe-perfect glowing candles and mirrors covered in sheer black cloth. On hand as a seriously special treat is a spirit-forward signature cocktail, Reposado in Pace. The smoky, mezcal-based libation is served neat, wreathed with yellow and red edible flowers and paired with a splash of hand-pressed Louisiana pecan milk. The ashen hue of the milk echoes the act of painting tombs with whitewashes, the flowers a nod to yellow chrysanthemums and red coxcombs that cover graves across the city. 
Because heaven knows you need all the help you can get. 

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