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May 28th, 2018

You'll Go Swayze Over These

Have fun with turns of phrase from the paper goods line Footnotes.


Available at The Tiny Finch
302 Pearl Pkwy.
Ste. 116
San Antonio

It wasn't til you said "totes amaze" to your mom that it dawned on you how far from Webster's your phrases have gotten.

Give a nod to alternative definitions with cute greeting cards from Footnotes. Available at The Tiny Finch, you'll get a kick out of the version with your fave Dirty Dancing quote, pictured, along with modern-day explanations like cellphone (a device used for looking less alone in public places) and sweatpants (an easy way to say you're not getting any). It's the perfect way to send well wishes, or something way snarkier, to your most sarcastic friends and family members.

Which goes without saying.

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