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September 1st, 2018

Tired? Spray On A Sleeping Mist

Introducing The Sleeping Mist from local organic skincare line NHCO Botanical Bodycare.

In an effort to catch better zzz's, you've made it a rule of thumb to only count sheep before bed, not Instagram likes. 

For nights you just can't reach your REM, try spraying your bedroom with The Sleeping Mist from Dallas-based, female-owned NHCO Botanical Bodycare. Each spritz of the mist releases notes of organic chamomile and essential oils that aid to a calm and relaxed state of mind. Chemical free, toxin free and vegan, the collection of natural products ranges from plant-based coconut masks, bath salts and salt scrubs to deep pore cleansing floral detoxes and activated charcoal soaps.

The kind of beauty that lets you rest easy.

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